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Branding for Your Dental Office

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Your logo is your dental office identification you should be branding your office and this means putting your logo everywhere that patients and potential patients will see it. Branding your office will build your practice and customer base. When thinking where to spend your marketing dollars for your dental office you should think where can I get the biggest bang for your buck?



Your logo is your office identification and you should be putting you logo everywhere. All businesses want to be recognized, think of the Nike swoosh or the Pepsi sphere both logos are two of the most recognized logos in the world. Are you using your logo to create brand recognition with your patients?



Now that you have invested in a beautiful, custom logo, OraBrite would like to help you capitalize on this investment. Your office patient hygiene samples should be the biggest marketing investment. Why send you patient's home with samples with another companies name on them? Too often, dental offices take would could be their most significant marketing opportunity and spend those dollars promoting a recognizable national brand, hoping that the image of the large consumer brand will transfer to their office. You have spent the time and money making your logo. Why not maximize your investment and put your office logo name and practice information on all of your patient giveaways.



OraBrite developed a website, Denta Logo where you can put your office name, logo and practice information. Your record is then converted to virtual sample automatically giving you an immediate presentation of your office logo printed on OraBrite dental products. This gives your office the opportunity to see the benefits of personalized dental products quickly. Your dental offices should be maximizing their investment with patient giveaways by ordering one of our premium personalized dental products.



Social media and search engine optimization now help you put your office brand on the map. Distinctive logos make you recognizable to your targeted local audience as never before. OraBrite was created to help you close the circle and bring your new, four color brand to as many patient hygiene samples as possible. We specialize in quick turn around four color decorating of high quality patient hygiene products: toothbrushes, dental floss, dental kits and other accessories.


imprinted toothbrushes

Denta Logo by OraBrite gives your office the opportunity to see the benefits of personalized patient hygiene samples quickly- now you can visualize an unparalleled branding opportunity.  Now your patients may leave your office with toothbrushes, dental floss and other preventive products bearing your distinctive brand.  When you market your office locally, let OraBrite help you put your best foot forward. We invite you to visit OraBrite and Denta Logo today.



842 Bennie Road, Cortland NY 13045

OraBrite® is a registered trademark of Oraline Inc.

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