Perio Post-Op Toothbrush, Blister Pack


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Perio Post-Op Toothbrush

Perio Post-Op Toothbrush, Blister Pack

Item# ORA40811BP

Width: 7.5, TUFT: 30



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The Perio Post-Op Toothbrush has 30 tufts and is bristled with 6.12 purple nylon, ultra-soft bristles in 5 mil. diameter. The compact head, angled neck and ergonomic grip are designed for patients who have recently had periodontal or implant surgery. 7.5" Long. Sold in an attractive retail blister package. Our Perio Post-Op Toothbrush is part of the 1st preventive program for assisted oral care. Please check-out the entire line. OraBrite Assisted Oral Care Products

Box contains 72 Blister Packaged Toothbrushes


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