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Grape Aligner Tray Seaters

Grape Aligner Tray Seaters

Item# ORA34003

Color Mix: Purple



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OraBrite® Grape flavored Ortho Aligner Tray Seaters
-Grape flavored (purple)
-Vacuum sealed in sets of 2
-Made of thermo plastic rubber
-Used to properly seat aligner trays

Aligner Tray Seaters, also known as "chewies" are used with Invisalign® or other clear plastic aligners to help seat trays properly. The first few fittings with a new tray may not fit tightly against your teeth, so biting down on these firm foam cylinders assures the trays are where they need to be. Tray Seaters can help treatment proceed more smoothly and quickly.


One set of disposable aligner tray seaters will typically last the duration of one tray (aligner). Clean with soap and water, or diluted mouthwash. Replace tray seaters with a new set each time a new tray is provided. 


Case count: 20 Aligner Tray Seaters (10 sets of 2; vacuum sealed)



842 Bennie Road, Cortland NY 13045

OraBrite® is a registered trademark of Oraline Inc.

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