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Covid-19 Business Entrance Kit1

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 Covid-19 Business Entrance Kit1



This essential kit has everything you need to keep your business open during this pandemic.

Our Automatic Soap Wall Dispenser uses Infrared sensing technology and UV light to automatically dispense the right amount of soap / sanitizer every time. Dispenses when hand is 1-8 cm from dispenser. The UV LED Room Sterilizer is an innovative one-stop solution for space disinfection. It’s a fast, effective, ozone-free sterilization solution that can be widely applied to public spaces like classrooms, elevators, clinics, retail stores, workplaces, public restrooms and catering services to create a safe environment. Waterless Hand Soap is perfect for leaving in locations where you'd like to wash your hands or clean a surface, but don't have a water source there. The store check out counter, front door entrance for guests etc. It works on all surfaces and materials and is fume free. Here is how it works. Spray the product onto your hands. Then you rub your hands together (20 seconds) which produces a lather. The lather collects all the excess dirt and oils, punctures and kills any bacteria or virus by breaking down the outer membrane which exposes it to the alkaline environment and the disease dies.

High Quality Folding PM2.5 White Anti-Dust KN95 Face Mask Mouth Protective Shell Mask. For daily life, factory workshop, SPAs, hospitals, clinics, school, workplaces, etc. Function: filter PM2.5, virus, bacteria, germ, and harmful substances in the air.


Kit Includes:

• Temperature Scanner & Automatic Disinfection Dispenser (32 oz tank)

• 110cm Floor Stand (stand has 2 USB ports)

• UVC LED Room Sterilizer

• 32oz Waterless Hand Soap (7 bottles)

• 2oz Waterless Hand Soap (6 bottles)

• KN95 Face Masks (300 masks)


$395 per kit includes Free installation in NY for Cortland, Tompkins & Tioga Counties.


842 Bennie Road, Cortland NY 13045

OraBrite® is a registered trademark of Oraline Inc.

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